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With Sim-Creator, four new cars now available on HRS Drivers Training System

Since few days, four new cars are available on ARC_Team/Hexathron Racing Systems professional driving simulator. Their math models are reproduced in all details and will allow drivers and engineers to use these models before every race, for training or to test specific setups. The work done together Hexathron Racing Systems engineers has been finalized thank to the support had by Team Dinamic (for the SEAT Leon Cup Racer) and ROAL Motorsport (for the BMW Z4 GT3); the other two racing cars now available are the new Formula 4 single seater car and the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3. Those virtual race cars have been created thank to Sim-Creator, a dedicated software developed by ARC_Team that allow to integratet thousand parameters of a real car into the simulation software, adding special features not available in the standard one.

This work adds new features to one of the most advanced racing simulator in Europe, available both for drivers and teams who need a special technologies and a dedicated staff to increase their performance offtrack, thank to HRS Drivers Training System.

Don’t hesitate to contact Hexathron Racing Systems for further informations.

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