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The SYM030 F1 simulator is waiting for you!

Thanks to the partnership with Fbrand, one SYM030 F1 simulator is available for everyone in our showroom (Pavia, Italy), a unique chance to taste the real Formula 1 driver’s emotions! Equipped with Evotek’s motion system, the SYM030 F1 simulator is one of the most appreciated rig for entertainment, ideal for races and challenges against friends or to organize a contest to beat the best lap time. To test this simulator and to visit our showroom please contact us at info@arc-team.it or by phone at (+39)0382.528079 (also to ask for prices and for further informations). Opening time from monday to friday: 9.30-12.30 in the morning, 14.30-18 in the afternoon.

Simulatore F1 SYM030 (2)


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