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Professional F4 simulator with Scuola Federale ACI Sport in Adria

ARC Team and Hexathron Racing Systems have been chosen as official partners of the 12th Supercorso Federale ACI Sport, which was held at the Adria International Raceway from 2 to 5 November 2015. A professional driving simulator equipped with advanced Formula 4 software has been selected by the school to evaluate and prepare six young drivers, in order to allow him to get the track at the wheel of the real cars. Raffaele Giammaria, Andrea Piccini, Edoardo Liberati and the other federal instructors – together with Maurizio Soro and Fabio Magnani – have assisted the drivers (Riccardo Ponzio, Diego Bertonelli, Lorenzo Colombo, Aldo Festante, Davide Lombardo and Leonardo Lorandi) aboard the simulator, assessing the approach and technique of drives during the first day; at the end, the best was the 15 year old Lorenzo Colombo, which won the prize as the winner of 2015 Supercorso Federale ACI Sport.

Words of praise for the professional simulator F4 from instructors, who said they were very satisfied about overall realism of the system as well as the work done by our staff in Adria.

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