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Open doors at Autocommerciale with Skoda

Skoda and ARC_Team had a weekend of fun and spectacle, a busy weekend that saw six of our simulators at Autocommerciale, Skoda dealer located in Bologna. Two of our simulators RT EVO were the focus of the competition, a race that saw also involved the official Skoda rally driver Umberto Scandola. The italian champion worked hard to tips, giving defendants the right directions to increase driving safety and fun. Onboard the two RT Evo equipped with a rally driving software that allows extreme reality reactions, engine features and techniques of the Skoda Fabia S2000, the event has had a high interest in the public and in… Umberto Scandola! Not only spectators but also actors: this is the slogan of the event; thanks to the presence of the driving simulators ARC_Team, the public has been able to actively participate in the event, challenging driving simulators. An event that honored the competitive spirit of the participants, safefy drive promoted by Umberto Scandola and interest in business models shown at Autocommerciale Skoda.

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