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Matt England speaks about the new F1 simulator FAA Top Class

Matt England is one of the racing driver who have been the opportunity to test our new FAA Top Class F1 simulator in Barrett-Jackson together our commercial partner Fbrand. We have collected a complete interview about his impressions and feedbacks about the driving simulator.

Who’s Matt England?
I am 17 and have been racing for 7 years.I race TopKart in TaG Sr. For Grand Products with 6 careers wins and many other podiums. I’d also like to think my other sponsor for allowing me to progress through karting: Grand Products, Motul, Dillon Optics, and Molecule.

What do you think about this simulator?
The Fbrand powered by ARC_Team Engineering simulator stands in its own league for realism. This is the closest feel to a real formula one car. The realism of the track and the programming actually make the experience real. This is by far the best simulator for your money.

You also tried the simulator which was at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale last year. How do the two compare?
The Evotek simulator and the Fbrand are similar in the brakes and the feel of the car. They differ in the steering, the Evotek had steering comparable to a older formula one car and the programming was outdated compared to the more modern technology of the Fbrand simulator.

Have you had the opportunity to try other simulators? If yes, how does this one compares to the competition?
With the other simulatiors that’s I’ve tried they feel more along the lines of videogames. For where the simulator is a much more realistic feel.The other simulators are dedigned for a more diverse array of simulations. For where this is designed for a Formula car. Thus making it the most realistic simulator available to the public.

Which are the main characteristics which differentiate the FAA F1 from other simulators you have driven?
The break feel is the biggest difference between the FAA F1 an the others. You actually have to use brake pressure versus having a break feel like a gas petal, which is distance based rather than pressure.

Would you advise professional and semi professional drivers ti use this simulator for training?
Yes, I would advise a professional or semi professional driver to use this simulator for training. If you are someone who is avidly considering trying to racein a higher formula car you need to train, With this simulator one can actually train at home and not have to blow large chinks of money each year to try and get better. Someone can train on a simulator for 2 years and save that money until they are ready to move forward.

Do you have any other comment or consideration about this model?
The only thing that I would comment on is that the noise could have more 360 degree feel. But that is something easy. Overall, the best simulator on the market.


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