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Gianluigi Palego and Arrow Motorsport with ARC_Team

Gianluigi Palego, the young driver of Team Arrow Motorsport, had a two-days test at ARC_Team. The F1Driving Vision Training simulator, developed by ARC_Team, allowed to Gianluigi Palego to train intensely: the 12 years old driver had a very hard schedule to test his performance. The purpose of the training was to teach Gianluigi Palego, the analysis of telemetry and the proper use of the brake, thanks to the program created by ARC_Team engineers, also been able to work on race pace, a factor that requires specific skills on pedals and at the same time a perfect coordination.

The injury that involved Gianluigi Palego has delayed the on-track action in the 2013 season and the simulator developed by ARC_Team has allowed to him a step-by-step recover. The work done in Pavia involved both Palego and Rossetti (ARC_Team CEO), who gave him a series of recommendations that led Gianluigi Palego to realize a very interesting lap times.

Gianluigi Palego (Arrow Motorsport): “This experience was incredible! I did not think to feel like a real racing car. I thought of a great Playstation but I realized that it was quite the opposite: I was in the car, all the sensations such as bump, speed, understeer, oversteer, were terribly true as well as the physical and psychological stress. Thanks to the staff of ARC_Team I could understand the big differences between a race car and a go-kart and teachings in the management of the steering, driving curves, management of gas and brake in addition to the telemetry reading, I will be back very useful for the rest of my career.

Andrea Rossetti (ARC_Team): “Despite his young age and the significant gap between go-kart and Formula 3, Gianluigi had a fantastic training, he showed great concentration, adaptability and attention to the advice to be able to tame a car by about 250 hp getting good lap times on a demanding track like Imola.

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