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Creditras, Allianz, Unicredit: the F1 simulator for a new contest

Creditras (Allianz Group company together Unicredit) has chosen our F1 simulator for the presentation of a new insurance service for own customers during a special event in Rimini. For this purpose, the simulator has been the key attraction into the stand with hundreds guest who wanted to try it. It has been equipped with a dedicated software – developed by ARC-Engineering – which detects driving errors on Formula 1 car, displaying in real-time the decrease of the bonus that would later be applied in the policy; that includes a more specific algorithm which calculates a final score based on time, distance and number of mistakes. This system is something quite different from the usual driving simulator available in the market, where every driver can beat each others only by fastest lap time. Our target? Enhance the business side of companies (that choose ARC-Team Engineering) through a unique kind of entertaiment mixed a dedicated solutions to improve the leads.

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