Andrea Rossetti


ARC-Team Engineering born from the passion of its founder, Andrea Rossetti, who has turned into reality a dream pursued from childhood: to drive a racing car. Over the years that passion turns into the construction of the first domestic simulator called F1Driving, which has evolved into a tool for professional drivers, both about hardware and software, thanks to many young engineers animated by the same passion and vision. From this results, we were able also to develop innovative simulators designed for entertainment, trade shows and public events, where it is essential to spread unforgettable emotions.

Marco Bonanomi


Marco Bonanomi, Andrea Piccini, Trident Racing and ACI Sport are some of the professionals who, working together ARC-Team Engineering and Hexathron Racing Systems, have allowed us to develop one of the most advanced and realistic driving simulator in Europe. Our Training Center is available for racing drivers, teams and manufacturers that looking for specific work on simulator. Either just to learn a race track, to test setups and maths or to test models of any car (street or racing). Real-time telemetry, data acquisition, remote view control are other key factors of this unique system.

F1Driving (simulatore F1)


With a simulator it is not easy to replicate some feelings and emotions that only a true racing car offers, even if we can not be all F1, Rally or GT drivers. This is not a problem for ARC-Team Engineering and its team: we transform the right mix of passion, technology and innovation in software and hardware products to follow your desires and business. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further informations or to ask a quotation.

Simulatore GT


ARC-Team Engineering can rent simulation platforms with customized software; we can offer different kind of vehicles like road, F1, GT and Rally cars. Our experience tells us that the simulators are one of the most popular attractions in many events. For extended periods, you can rent our simulators in “Operate Leasing”, so the customer can save money and have an updated products for its business.